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I am a fitness enthusiast, writer, architecture student, cheerleader, aspiring scene designer and so on. I have a lot in my pocket but fitness is the thing that I am most passionate about. It had become a part of my life and I wanted to share my insights along the fitness journey will all of you.

For me, fitness is a thing that builds me up and makes me feel great about life. And I want you to feel the same way too. My goal is to empower everyone to establish a healthy relationship with fitness physically and mentally.

These are the three things that kept my fitness journey going on until now.

I focus on an inclusive approach to fitness that takes care of both physically and mentally. I believe that a healthy relationship with both exercise and food is the key to making it a lifestyle without struggling. Where you can be who you are in a more sustainable way.

My own story, specifically

I was once nearly at the border of being overweight. Having the pressure to quickly lose weight, it leads me to disordered eating and obsession with exercise. I had the typical problem of any extreme dieter: feeling guilty about food, overexercising, yoyo dieting and experiencing dizziness all the time. However, even until I suffered from amenorrhea, I still refuse to stop what I’m doing.

I was believing that happiness will avoid me from being a better version of myself. Which I need to be really hard on myself, so that I can get what I want. At the same time I’ve been bugged by the sudden emotional shift and irritation for no reason, and I couldn’t know why.

It took me a few years to eventually find the balance. And I started to acknowledge how mental health affects our physical health. Things started getting better. I am able to find the sweet spot between over-restricting myself while still being able to achieve my goals.

Maintaining my physique become so much easier now, just because I take care of the psychological aspects at the same time. Now I enjoy workout so much, just because I love the feeling of getting stronger and better. I no longer feel guilt about food while still being able to maintain a healthy eating habits.

Why this blog is created

I’ve heard most of these from people around me in my life.

“It’s unfair that even I could gain fat just by drinking water.”

“I can’t eat after 8pm, it makes me gain weight.”

“I think I should stop carrying heavy items. My arms are too big as I’m gaining muscles.’

“Oops, too much for the supper. I need my detox drink soon.”

Sometimes, I desperately wish to explain none of these is true. However, it is hard to explain for someone without a fundamental concept about how energy work in our body.

When there is so much fitness myth out there, it needs to be debunked. I know it’s the struggle of understanding those concepts because I too do not come from a sports background or relevant expertise.

This is why I created this blog, to share all of the findings and insights along my years of researching, experimenting, tried and true by myself about fitness.

Let us grow together,


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