Body Recomp 101: From Skinny Fat to Fit

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For Every Petite That Struggle To Get Fit

Are these describing you?

  • You felt that there is more weight for you to lose but you are already underweight/normal weight
  • Whenever you try, the fat in some part of your body just doesn’t go off
  • You are lighter than you appeared
  • You lose weight too fast, the appearance doesn’t change
  • You are not ‘fat’, but you also don’t look fit

If this is the case, this blog series is for you.

For those that are new to body recomposition. You should know one thing: your weight tells nothing about your body fat content. It contains the total of your lean mass and body fat mass.

That is, the thing that you need to improve about your physique isn’t about losing weight, but losing fat.

Here’s the catch, the typical weight loss program by eating less and moving more often will result in losing both fat mass and muscle mass. And it’s counterproductive for your fitness goal (as loss of muscle mass=decrease of metabolism).

I know the struggle.

As a person that is going through from fat to skinny, however, ended up being a skinny-fat. I figured out there is something else I need to do instead of focusing on weight loss. The answer is body recomposition (a.k.a recomp). What we need to do now, is to lose fat and gain muscle.

Not sure how to do it? Don’t worry. I’ll tell you every step of what you can do. I will be talking about everything about recomp and sharing insights during my body recomp journey. I hope these findings could help everyone that gets in the same situation as me. And stop the guessing work and start working!

Body Recomposition Blog Series

Part 1:What you need to know about Body Recomposition

  1. What Is body recomp
  2. Who should body recomp
  3. Turn fat to muscle explained

Part 2: Your Body Recomposition Plan

  1. How To Train For body recomp
  2. How To Eat For Body Recomp
  3. Measuring body recomposition progress

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