Fitness 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Get In Shape

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Hi, tough soul. I’m Alyssa.

So glad that you are here!

We always want to be the better version of ourselves. As you are here, you probably just started in fitness and wish to get in shape. Or you are someone struggling in the middle of losing weight. But no matter who you are, all of you have one common ground — you are seeking a new way to improve your life.

You’ll get plenty of content on my website which could help you along your fitness journey. But I know that you probably feel lost here and don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, I got you covered. Here is a list of posts that I prepare for you:

Part 3: Making Your First Step

What’s Next?

After you had achieve your desired weight. You might wonder what you need to do next.

Keep it off… or continue aiming for a lower weight?

I will ask you to stop looking for lighter weight and focus on becoming stronger and fitter. Your life should not only be about weight loss or how skinny you look. You can be fit, strong, and athletic.

While if you had achieved a healthy weight, you might want to try body recomposition. Body recomposition is how you can lose fat and gain muscle. Click the button below to know more!

Let’s grow together,


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