Why Body Recomposition is The New Weight Loss

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You swear that you invested all the time in the gym and counting calories. However, your progress seemed to plateau and everything remained. You soon realized that gett rid of that last layer of belly fat is not as simple as your previous weight loss approach.

You’ve come to the right place.

What if I tell you, that you don’t need to lose weight to solve the problem, but you just need to do is to gain muscle and lose fat through a body recomposition?

If this is your question, continue reading to find out more about body recomposition!

Why Body Composition Matters More Than Weight

If you are a believer in BMI, you should read this. It is possible for two person to have the same height, same weight, but look totally different.

You might started imagining the extreme examples of those massive, muscular bodybuilders with a heavyweight, obese people.

People with same weight different body composition.
A body builder hight have the same weight as an obese person.

However, let’s face this. The BMI not only doesn’t work for bodybuilders, but it also doesn’t work for average people like us.

Here are

Body composition
Body composition matters more than weight

Body Recomposition

There are so many definitions of body composition in the fitness industry. The most general definition is: Body recomposition is an approach to weight loss that emphasizes the importance of not only losing fat but gaining muscle at the same time.

Instead of thinking this approach as a particular training routine of some fancy diet, I like to describe it as a lifestyle. You train and eat for one goal– increase muscle mass through both training and nutrition, but you prefer not to do a huge alteration on your weight.

The reason why body composition is more achievable for beginners is because as we know–change in weight is scary, let it be either increase or decrease. Meanwhile from a biological standpoint, maintaining your weight whilst trying to change your body fat will be more easy instead of changing your weight.

How does Body Recomposition Work?

The goal of body recomposition is to gain more muscle through both diet and training. Once you have more muscle mass, your metabolism will increase therefore you’ll end up losing fat.

Most people think that they are able to ‘convert’ fat into muscle. However, you need to know that muscle is muscle, fat and fat. For this, I would like to simplify my version of the definition of body composition to make this myth more reasonable for you.

Gain muscle(action) > Lose fat(result)

The priority of body recomposition is to be stronger first, in order to be lean out.

It’s because in our TDEE(total daily energy expenditure), the BMR(basic metabolic rate) accumulates up to 60% of your total energy expenditure. And the factors that determining how much your BMR is your weight, your gender, genetics and your body composition.

Body composition is the most critical factor in determining absolute RMR in neutral energy balance.

Anastasia Zinchenko & Menno Henselmans

The more lean body mass you have, you will have a higher TDEE (total daily energy expenditure).

Body recomp goes for increasing the amount of muscle in your body in order to burn more fat. To increase muscle mass, start adding in weight training and intergrading more protein into your diet structure is the most recommended approach.

In the best circumstances, you will start noticing the muscle that you had built actually helps you burn fat. That is the principle of how body recomposition work.

Body Recomposition vs Weight loss?

What’s so special about body Recomp? Is it any better than the traditional weight loss approach? Way better than you could imagine.

The reason why did so much people choose the traditional weight-loss method instead of body recomposition is because body recomp required more in-depth study and understanding before carrying out.

Most of us don’t have that patience and lack reliable information on hand. Humans always want fast results. Also, it is more easy to follow the traditional weight loss approach because everyone else is doing it.

Well, however, in the following years, more and more people had started concerned about the damage of traditional weight loss approach had brought to them. Here comes the trend of body recomposition.

I’ll show the comparison of both approaches so that you’ll have a better understanding.

Weight loss vs body recomp comparison
Comparison of Weight Loss and Body Recomposition.

Time to Shift Perspective

There are more underlying factors to determine your fitness level, don’t just rely on your weight.

Body recomposition is the new weight loss. It’s time to get rid of the ‘lighter weight is better mindset’, and starting to look at what matters more. In this case, healthy body composition is more important.

Yes, body recomposition might seems to havea steeper learning curve for some beginners due to its novelty in fitness. However, it is worth a try.

If this post has lit up your motivation to start on body recomposition, but you still aimless of how to work it out. No worries! I’ve got you covered. In the next post I will talk about which type of people is suitable for body recomposition. In addition, I would be going really detail on different fitness approaches for each physique type. Stay tuned!

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