Day 15: Leap.

Yes, today I confessed to him through text.

In fact I didn’t met up with my date, He ghosted me, but my goal for today isn’t the date, but is to create an opportunity that I drank and confess to crush.

I met someone that said to provide tarot reading for me. And she praised me for my age, my job( I said I’m junior archi), and my look. Currently I had get more and more people complimenting about my look. Which, I slowly believe I am beautiful (I know I should not emphasize on the looks, but that is something I always insecure about. When I tell the tarot reader I want to confess, they said I’m brave.

Yes, I’m brave. I no longer the past me. I have nothing to lose, but an attractive, gorgeous, talented, high value girl. In fact there is a lot of people waiting for me. I’m just giving out some offer, and it’s your honor if you get my attention.

Well, confess. This is my biggest leap of faith. After I finish the text, I feel relieved. No matter what happens, I’ve done my job. At least in the future, if he feel defeated, he still remember there’s someone that admire him, that supports him in the darkest moment.

You are my greatest bet. I might lost something, friendship. I rather I lost a friend, rather than you being sad if you are really have some feeling for me in the end. I would rather you hold on irritation rather than sadness.


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