Day 20: Only ME in the World

I had been heard about ‘I am the top priority’ or “I am the operant power’ in the law of manifestation. But it is too cliché that I just affirm it robotically. Until today I suddently have this feeling, I reminded an idea that I have during my secondary school when I am brainstorming an idea for my new story. It’s about maybe other people doesn’t exists at all. What I see, hear, feel is just a program. And since I am a program, means my world is taken care of my internal engine.

Because I always think that ‘if the world have so much people, the universe probably are too busy to take care of me.” So I deny myself and think that all of my desire will be neglected by the universe. But think about it, it doesn’t make sense, because I then realised that our world is work in ‘scaling up and down (as above so below)’ instead of ‘one by one(like you got a bunch of things to take care of, but the world doesn’t works in this way, it need to be scale’).

So whatever that I perceive is actually a whole scale of the world. Those people that I meet is within my programming, not my opponent. Not those that compete with me. But they are the information or the resource, or some NPC that my inner programming run.

This lead me to be able to tap into the state of self-concept. I start to love myself so much. Because there is no one actually around me, there is no one compete with me, the world only observe me, they are my audience.

I’m gotta to make this a great show.


Btw things goes quite well on the dating app. But I know I just feel out of alignment for all the time. I just need some distraction and some side quest from the main story line. I need some validation, I need some proof, as my resource to continue the main plot. So I decide this will not last longer, as long as I collected 2-3 relationships, I quit and wait for my ultimate destiny. My ‘the one’ I know you are waiting there.

I watch the TV series ‘Normal People’, I dunno why did I watch it at this point of my life. But I am picking up some message. i hope it’s some hidden plot between how my love live will be looks like. Some separation with someone that I deeply connected before a reunion, there will ba a lot of subplot going on, but it will all meant to weld together, in the end.

And as I come to tapping into the ‘I am the operant power’ mode. I decide I want to keep crushing on him. Yeah, if there is so much information tells me that everything is possible, and I feel so aligned about it, why not? Maybe this is also part of the plot of my inner program? Who knows? But I think this plot will be more exciting if I choose to believe it. That’s it. I don’t know what will happen in the future, or when will I change my mind, but now the world want this ‘impossible’ plot twist to happen.

The miracles I see isn’t ‘their story’, but my best resource.


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