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“How to love your workout and not feel guilty about food?”

If this is the question you kept asking yourself. There is something I want to tell you. Fitness should be your lifestyle and nothing else. You exercise not because it helps you shed those extra pounds, but just because you enjoy it. So as food. You do not earn food, let it nourish you.

So many people think fitness as a reward/punishment system. How thin you are is the result of how you willing to starve yourself or how hard your workout is. No pain, no gain, right?

But hell no. Here’s why.

Something is missing

You think that you need to change how you eat or start exercising to achieve that. That’s awesome. There is no wrong to have any aesthetic goals. In fact, that is the reason for most people get started in fitness. However, most people ended up stuck in the middle as they start following every fitness plan. Eventually, you’ll quit feeling miserable and shame of yourself.

Do you know that it is possible to enjoy your life while still achieving your fitness goal in the healthiest way? The problem is that you missed out on the important part.

We’ve been focusing on fitness plan that results on the ‘outside’. But we forget the mental part. It ends up, we are following the plan to avoid feeling guilty, not because we are really enjoying the plan itself. That’s the reason you found it hard to stick on your goals.

The key to sustainable

We need to change our mindset of how we think about food and exercise. The purpose of a workout is to help your body get stronger. While food is your source of energy, and sometimes your indulgence (yes, there is no wrong to love food).

Once you start looking at life in this way, you treat fitness as your lifestyle. You will take a more sustainable approach towards any habits that you wish to build.

Everything starts to fall into place after you follow the lifestyle that suits you the best.

The Magic is in you

Your body is an incredible machine. Your job is to treat it in the right way and it’ll do the remaining job.

Here’s the catch. Most of us get lost here because we don’t know how our body actually works. We either ended up going the wrong way or give up trying.

However let none of these stops you.

You don’t need to be an expert. You just need to understand the fundamental of how the body and mind work together in fitness. Once you mastered the essence, you get to create your own magic.

There isn’t any shortcut to fitness.

But once you get it right, you’ll nailed it forever.

Yes, it is possible. You only require a few things, the knowledge about training and nutrition, and the right mindset. Get started to know how to create your sustainable fit life here.

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