About Lyss

Hi there,

My name is Alyssa.
I don’t follow the rule,
I don’t fit into a box,
I am a paradoxical being.


Yet, a renaissance soul.

For me, life should be a package of full exploration of, you should design your own life, rather than to choose what prefix path to follow, People like to say, choose your path.

But for me, life is more than that.

I rather to design, create rather to choose.

“Have you ever been read/watch/saw some book or movie, that change your entire life? And that s had become your supports system, that rooted in you like a back bone.

Or had you come across some inspiration from any work, that makes you believe in an idea that is too empowering in this world but yet to exist, but because you saw that possibilities, but changed how you think?”

That is what I want to do, overall.


Instead of telling you ‘welcome’, I will say…