Hey There

My name is Alyssa,

A paradoxical being.


A guidebook to help you craft your path

Turn Your Inner Rebel into Jewel

After completing this workbook, you will:

-Know what truth that is matter to you

-Know your life Theme

-Find out what stopping you towards your path

-Unlock your authentic self

Free Life Design Workbook

5 Years From Now

Powerful, interactive questionnaire to help you get an idea of how your life trajectory looks like.

Three chapter included:

  • Inner Compass
  • The World
  • 5 Years From Now

1: 1 Coaching

I help young adults live their YOLO life by understanding their personal strength.


More control with emotion and confident

“After the session, I notice that I become more aware of every small things about myself. like I am able to recognize my own emotion and now I am more confident than before. ‘

Just as what the coach said, ”When you start to appreciate the good thing, everything will become better.’

— Leen, 23 y.o. Cheerleader

No longer haunted by Sales

“Alyssa is very understanding and listen to my concerns. She takes time with the patient to help me with sales issues! I can now move forward with my career knowing what has caused my struggles these years. Very glad to have seen Alyssa! A huge thanks to Alyssa!”

— Helena,38 y.o, Sales Executive

Binge eating solved!

“Before this, I struggled with binge eating behavior and having a hard time feeling satisfied with food. And surprisingly, in the session, we found out that this come from my past experience where my parents get upset when I did not eat.
The Coach helped me by reframing my thinking and using NLP technique to remove that behavior. It is really helpful.”

— VL, 18 y.o, Student