Day 1: Getting use to it

Dear Lyss (myself):

It’s the first day of the 21 days rewind from biz/career.

I had never allow myself to take a break. I always feel guilthy for taking a break, but I think for a long run, why don’t just make it an experiment?

Give me a solid 3 week (a.k.a 21 days), where I allow myself to eventually take back from the fear of future. I just want to revisit what lits me up as before, in my past. At that time, I always found myself immerse in thousand of possibilities, and that is my creative spirit ignite.

Yeah, I know this writing will be crappy, because as the first day, I had no idea what to write. But I just want to really keep the agreement for myself. I had break too much agreements, in past, and never finish anything. I always say I need to uncage myself and give me a full allowance to experience life and thus find my own inner ignition, I didn’t, I ended up looking for job opportunities or some idea to make money again (although not all of them works).

So, this is the journal for today. I will come back every day for the rest of 21 days. No matter how crappy my writing is, just jot down what I think. I am sure in the end of the day, I will be surprised.

So, if in these days I wanna watch some tv series, or play game, or watch a movie, just fo it! Let’s see how ‘lazy’ I can be although I know I won’t become too worst. I mostly ended up ignite some inspiration, or perhaps regain my passion in storytelling!

I will keep some manifest ritual, just allow myself to test whether it works. Just for the sake of experiment, so, let go of judgement and this is the only chance I can ‘dream’! Girl, you’ve been too hard on yourself for the following years. You are once a manifesting girly, dreaming is your favorite thing to do. And you know that you already manifested so much thing in your life. Now, for the ting that you desire, why not give you a unjudgmental space and time, to really give you an opportunity to have it?

You deserve so much. I know it’s hard for me/you to really ‘take a break’. You probably think that you had left behind. Or even compare yourself with that ‘secret person’. But do you know that this is an investment? Take some time to really really recharge yourself. When you are back, you will be the diamond! Don’t focus on just a fraction of your time, because this is the crucial moment you can eventually find yourself and brings bigger return 🙂



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