Day 12: Dating, turn out to be I’m popular.

Within 1 days, gain so much of likes from the dating app. I don’t know whether it’s because other’s female user is less active or the statistics have something mistaken, I’ve get over 98% of user population statistics within the female user. Besides that I think I’m a 直男收割机。

Well, and just within the first day I get one match that agree to hang up together. And there is also other matches too ask me to go out, but I honestly I just didn’t think that person suits me. So I slowly end the conversation.

I realised that to flirt with anyone else is actually really easy. And to make them interested seems is something that I naturally know, Just that I had concealed it for too long. The fact is that just because I always think it’s bad to flirt with anyone else (I think they already taken since they are good looking).

Besides that, I am not really looking forward to a serious relationship. Therefore I don’t afraid they are cheating on me. I just want a transition anyway..

So, popular girl. Do you still think what you used to believe is true?


At the same time I posted a post on tread. Basically means I know <> is in dark, and I willing to walk into the darkness for him. Then at the same time he posted a IG story with a coffee table, a song titled “I Will Wait..”

He have too much coincidence with me. I don’t know whether it’s self-propercy or something I made up myself. Even I claimed myself as someone over rational, but no, not this time. This coincidence is too frequently and I always have a feeling of connectedness on him. It’s so strong that I never feel the same as my past crush JY, I didn’t think of JY so frequently and so deeply though. But <>, he’s different.

I ask the tarot “Are we twinflame?” And I get ‘Lovers’.


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