Day 4: Picking up ideas

I think after I emptying out everything yesterday, my subconscious mind had helped me resolute some of them while I sleep. of course I have some nightmare about the looks/confident, tbh is haunted me in the dream. Anyway I feel something changed while I wake up, the negativity days before was reduced.

The main thing for today is reinvestigate what does law of manifestation means. Since I always feel uncertain with manifestation and I feel afraid with manifestation. And I believe that the negativity yesterday also piled up because I am afraid if this doesn’t works. Then I came across this phrase when I searched about what is ‘self-concept’.

“What I THINK they THINK I am.” the meaning is literal and straight forward.

I always think self concept is ‘What I think I am’. Therefore I feel uncertain what if they are not thinking in the same way. How can how I feel effects how they feel. Is this just a one sided effects? But then when I come across this, this make sense.

Another thing, I came across IG and I saw Yun share a video about manifestation. The author said he take 21 days to practice manifestation. And at the first few days nothing different, then after 3-4 days, he notice that things started turn out whatever he assumed.

I wonder why is this happen. I always think if there are milions of possibilities, how can we shift into that single possibilities that we desire? Then I think this might be how it works. Because although LOM said that we can manifest everything that we want, when we are wishing it, it is still within a reasonable circumstances. (Let’s say I want a parking lot, this is because I am parking my car. Thus actually this already filtering out almost 99% of possibilities. And just by focusing on what I want, I get to spot(perceiving) and found the parking(action), also of course a 1% is control by the quantum physics (energy).

Let say I want to know a boyfriend that is perfect. How do I have such perception? This might be some information that I saw/hear/feel in my past. Therefore this is totally possible, and there might be already have 1%(1 percent is still a plenty according to possibilities) of this person on the street. And by LOM, I focus on what I want therefore filtered out the other possibilities, and together with attention, action and quantum energy, I can get what I want.

Alright, that a close file for the LOM, then I questioned whether my desire is legit or just my ego. Especially wanting to be together with <>, sometimes I feel that there is an inner calling, but sometimes I feel there is my own ego (because I never been in relationship before and my ego think it’s pity to let go of someone that is already so close, this would be a failure). Well, in the terms of self-concept,

Let’s say if this is aligned with my higher self, and if I use my right brain for manifestation. This will always happen according to my assumption. Because if super conscious exists, if I am in tune with my sub conscious+super conscious(right brain), this means I am supported with my goal too.

Well I am out of words of how to description this, but I think my subconscious mind had learnt something. Let just feels good and be observative for the remaining days. Again, I still wish to practice manifestation and just to enjoy it. This time just let go of my ego and manifest.

By the way, i found that my time management are a bit laggy after eating breakfast-lunch. Then I will have some sleepy state after eating lunch, then the whole noon will be sloppy. Then my mode will slowly built back up a few hours before dinner and after the dinner. I think for the following days, while practicing manifesting using my right brain and in tune with my feelings (heart), I also need to figure out how to deal with these sloppy feeling.

Take note that some ideas that come through me (although I did not do anything) is that I still want to write stories and be a screen writer/or a novelist. I am not sure whether this will last long and I will started doing it in the future. Let’s contemplate it more, the first issue is how I can deal with the sloppy feeling and start doing something with these ideas.

Tomorrows rope: manifestation practice that makes me feels good, while notice my energy pattern to optimize creativity(story writing).

It’ll be a right brain day.


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