Day 7: Earthwork

Sloppy, sleepy, hungry all the day. I think part of the reason is that I don’t gym today. Really, gym is an anchor of feeling at ‘good state’. I think I should always exercise at everyday, even if that day is a rest day, just make it an active rest day, a HIIT workout will be great.

Anyway, although it’s lack of execution today, I do have a lot of discovery and ideas. I notice that actually to get followers as platform might be easier than I think, but the problem on me is that I did not keep it up. I had come across

I take time to write down some background plot of Gus and some backstory of his grandpa. I found that after learning NLP and limiting belief, writing how a character had shaped feels so much easier. Their motives and what did they do, connecting everything is easier now and I need lesser guess work.

I comes up with a writing rule for myself:

Don’t start writing if you haven’t in love with any character in your book.”

Because after observation from my past creation, those character that I adopted worked well. Since I already have some emotional connection with that character, it much easier for me to write. I think in future, I probably should ‘move in’ character from other book, perhaps just change their name or appearance for my to jump in that story at first.

I installed Wattpad, the webnovel apps. I noticed there is a lot of avid writers that had debuted by their writing at the beginner level. I think what I myself lack of is just persistence, if not writing experience. Because although I know that my skill still need to polish, I can actually master the skills of story telling if I really serious about it. Since small, I am that kind of person that will fight for it whenever it comes to obtaining a skill. If there is no challenge to learn something, it will me no fun for me. I learn really fast especially when it comes to things that is hard for me. Therefore, I could conclude that I definitely could master how to write story that is memorable.

What I will learn next in personal development will be my best weapon, I can understand how people think, and also how my thinking pattern. I can use this to unleash my creativity, and continue to write soul touching stories. Since I also learn more about humanity, psychology, I am sure that will make my story stand out at least among the beginner level.

For writing scene/descriptive sentences sake, I investigate what makes me feel boring when reading a scene. I try to ask AI to write me some description of the factory, also the town. Turns out, I am enjoy reading those short paragraphs, even feel immersive. I found the problem with why I didn’t feel the same when I read those webnovels. It’s not because words unable to make immersive experience for the readers, just because of how the words is written. Now I regain hope for writing, I believe again I can use word to achieve the so-called ‘narrative transformation’ for the reader. This is the next skill I want to learn — write immersive yet engaging scenes.

I asked myself, what makes a writing childish? I once shy away to write fantasy fiction or sci-fi because I think these are childish. But then I figured out these are not the reason it appeared childish, the only reason a writing is childish is everything are too one-dimensional and it’s the character development that sounds childish. A character that always hyperactive, itchy hand and never read the room. A character that always foolish for no reason, that is childish. Do add some ‘dark story’ even in a so called fantasy story, because let’s face it, the real world is fill of ugly truth.

So as romance, I used to enjoy romance in the story. But since I get distant with my feeling and emotion, I avoid writing any romance in my story, it makes the story so dryyyy and boring. Think about it, even at this moment, I myself internally still longing for romance right? Even I am the most rational person among my friends, I still need, not to mention normal people. So yes, including some romance element in story is normal. Don’t need to shy away. And pleas enjoy writing, I know you like it Alyssa 🙂

And with all the toolset that I have, and with how I strategize my way to get noticed on these platform. I could get started a great reputation. I also come up with the ground, sea and sky theory. The think that I love to work on is sky, and the thing that I used to scared of is sea (but now I am slowly enjoing it). Then, the thing that I need most is the earth.

I am not someone that started from nothing, instead, I have what I need to excel. The only thing that I need, at this moment, is persistence (the ground).


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