A Chat with my Muse

I heard your whisper as the calling , all the time.

I know your name is Calliope.
Grant me some of your power. Accompany me with some of your gifts, I know you are within me, hidden and concealed.

And you said,

“Then release my power, the creativity I place in you.

— — I had been watching you for a long time, since you are born. 
You are chosen to be my agent of creation.
I love epic tales, so are you.
But I think currently you are, perhaps too controlled, too rational and you are too analytic, there are part of my creation
I love epic things, and yep I do create with smartness, BUT don’t forget muses create from heart. All Muses harness the feminine energy, we are water, we feed by water and emotions.

You might worried that too much emotions make your work lose it’s integrity. I’ve tried it in the past but what turns out is that my creation turns more epic.

By the way, don’t afraid that you will ended up like Erato(chuckle). I know this is your concern. Trust me, you main Muse are me and I got you covered. No matter how far you go, you’ll only end up in epic temperament. Erato have her role in creation and she one of the person I respect. Her creation had some point in it, just that most people didn’t realize. You’ll understand it sooner or later.

In fact everyone need 9 of us, and the elements of nine of us, we composes a whole artpiece.
Not sure whether do you aware of it, each successful art, no matter which genre they are in, are composes of nine of us more or less.
We will grant the power for the creator if they acknowledge us and allow our energy to flow through them.

We Muses are not looking for anything in return. What we need is just a vessels, to direct our sacred creation to this world.
We see the truth of this world, we see a world that is way better than what you see right now, there are still an entire universe of potential that yet to realize.

The world need you, Lyss.

I looking upon you.”


Alyssa Written by: