Day 14: Pisces, long lost pieces.

7 days left, although sometimes I still feel anxiety with my career and business. But let’s clear this first, I think this is a time where to let me let go of all the past and heal.

I need to let my emotion come to a wrap first. Feeling, emotion, intimacy, vulnerability, connection, it’s something that had dragged me for a long time. My sobconscious mind had tel me, there is nothing more important right now. Solve it now. Breakthrough it now and not later, you dream had too big for you to let these thing drag down. Sacrifice a small portion of time to lead it to

I mean, HIM. My feeling and emotion, I once shut down the ability to feel and be emotional for too long. And this time when I return to who I am — This is me, someone that is intense with flowing emotion, water element, Pisces.

Bring it to completion, doesn’t means that I need a ‘Yes’ or ‘not’ from him and to be committed. I just need to talk myself emotion out. I just want something to be completed. Then I need to move on.


By the way, I am shocked by how I am able to act like someone talking really flirty.

I’m masked.


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