Day 18: Reality vs Ambition?

Not much things for today, mostly watching movie. Do have some insights.

I watched the <Whisper of the Heart>. I found that after I learn NLP, every story will feels like it resonated with me so much. It is the power of metaphor. And my subconscious mind will always doing a good job by picking up what’s relevant in the movie so that it can be resourceful for me.

The movie is about when the protagonist found realized that she don’t have any dream or passion compare with her boyfriend, she feel upset and wanting to do something in order to catch up on him. And what’s more being a metaphor for me is that what she want to do actually contradict with the social reality — writes book, and she think that going to prove her value so that she feel that she is at the same place as her boyfriend. Her personality and how she being motivated to write a book, and some of her motives is so similar as me. It’s a beautiful thing that sometimes we do need someone or something to inspire us to start or complete a project.

What I see in the story has another perspective. While it’s good that the protagonist get to know her boyfriend and it motivates her to be better. But somehow it is destructive in some way if handled wrong. Which is, her ideal about success had influenced by the decision of her boyfriend. She started thinking that she need to be in a certain way that is similar as him — in order to deserve to be with him, or define her worth. This gives me a message, to reevaluate ‘does what I want to do really from myself, or being influence by somebody’?

While, this movie also reminds me sometimes it is necessary to go on the ‘conventional’ path. This is a huge message for me, as now what I want is just to gain fast success, to amazed others with the most unconventional path. Although I know that going conventional isn’t that bad but what blinds me because I want to prove that I am not ordinary, I meant to be someone special. Actually this is influence by someone (<>), I’m still trying to get use to not attach too much on him, and start everything again from my own value.

So, actually everything is all both side. In everything, we need a ground of stable and security, but don’t settle just right here. Built up your dream while you make sure that you are secure, that makes the difference of a normal person and those that success in the end.

Whatever it is, don’t let your dream dies.


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