Day 26: Productivity vs Exposure

Well, seems that when I writing this blog post, I am thinking about how I appear and expect other to think about my career.

Then in the second day (yes I’m writing this at the next day), I realized its’ about my social media presence. This also a major block for me that stops me from elevate my business, which is I think that my friends will judge me when I post in social media. This had sabotage my business and in a long run if I were to expand my life goal, also for my personal brand. Because I want to really go very big, I have a big dream. And by going on this road, I need to go really big. This had terrified me because I need to do something that is not same as ‘I was’.

And I also concerned about whether I can sustain this (keep creating content and post them), and allow it to get more exposure even on a higher scale. Exposure, that is the things that I need the most if I want to expand my personal brand. As I already write in my business class ‘what do you lack of’, I circled this as the main thing I need at my business.

Meanwhile, most of the time I found even if I able to do it for a while, it’s hard for me to sustain. Then this is about the consistency. I would like to post something that is aligned with me and I will be excited with it. I in fact really good at producing content (just like how I do as I am writing this post), I create a tons while I am in an expressive mode. But when it comes to ‘expose’ my thing, I would still get afraid with it. Even worst, if I didn’t get result, the main problem is not that I lose momentum, but the bad thing is I will start critique myself, ‘it does gets view because my content is crappy’, And in the end I stop doing it.

I have an idea. What if I could sustain writing blog (this journal category-as it is about my own self expression and I don’t need to care about others). At the beginning I only want to write it for 21 days and see what it turns out, and eventually when I have anything to write, I will come back to here immediately. How can I do it the same with my social media?

How can I remain my productivity like when I am writing my journal, and keep doing it without judging me? I know that I definitely able to do it at my ability level, but there is just some small blockage that made me stop at here.

Hey, my subconscious mind, is there anything you need me to know. The one piece of message, that would help me upturn everything and execellerate at a smooth sailing journey. Now I know that I am not stumbled at productivity, but about being seen. That is the thing that I always desired, but the flip side of coin is that I am afraid of it too.

How can I isolate with my productivity and exposure. Where I can keep creating just like when I am alone, but shift to another content creator mode– (I still need to take care something technical to make sure my content is easy to read, easy to access and being optimized, right?). So how can I do it?

My subconscious mind, I know you probably have something to tell….

I will leave this for a moment, and let the answer slowly surface. Come back here later if I got any more findings.

(Note: See, I types out the whole thing above just not more than 15 minutes, therefore I totally trust my productivity. And throughout the years I know that my productivity and creativity hates schedule, most of my ideas comes from impulsive. Therefore, I really don’t want to go with the method that require me to set a schedule for this, is there any remedy else?)

–I post now, and not fear to I show myself now. Even if anyone misunderstood me.

I just laying the foundation and face misunderstood at this moment, bear with it first. My strategy is let them realized, what I do now is just part of my whole revolution plan in future.


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