Day 24: Turning my heart into bricks

And use them to build up my empire.

For pass my inspiration, my momentum to write. And how I feel in my soul to writing. Is true. This kind of emotions. And for the past few years, I have been hiding it. And concealed it for too much. I want to make it. To become a big, big gift. A big present for me. And to turn into something tangible. Since love do not be reciprocated in this case. So cut to turn into something that I’m. I can’t touch it. I can see. I can feel it. So just turn it into a book just like how Taylor Swift made her song write a song according to a love story.

My love life had been always with bitterness, always sorrowful. Always I’m the one that is broke in despair and thousands of yearning and shattered hope. But it’s work like the carrot in front of donkey that kept me moving. And until the moment I realised it is my fate, I somehow become addicted to sad stories, I let them filled my empty heart, and pur them out into thousands stories.

Yeah, I admit it, I still can’t get over you. Since it’s getting no where, I rather use this to turn it into my bricks. Write it into a book. Now my emotions will be the chess that builds up my empire.

And meanwhile I know that you are messing yourself up. I get the chance to build my own castle. To make me a huge dynasty while your life is all full with a messy uncomprehented things. I don’t know what is your motivation, I don’t know what actually you want. I can see your relationships status is somehow messy (yeah I’m just being judgemental, but oh well, yeah.) For this is the only way I can think you don’t deserve me, and I’m not a fool.

Let’s you after 5 years realized that you were so lucky enough to be liked by a perfect girl, while also regretful because the me back then made you feel unable to reach.


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